The Importance of Really Talking to Your Customers

//The Importance of Really Talking to Your Customers

The Importance of Really Talking to Your Customers

With texting, emails, chat and other issues today, it’s not surprising that many of us rarely talk with our customers.  It seems that e-mailing, tweeting, and Facebook messenger are the order of the day.  Real communication, in person or on the phone, have very positive impacts on businesses today.  In fact, the companies that seem to do the best are those that are able to do a little bit of everything.  So in a world where every business is preoccupied by sending emails, is there a solid gold opportunity to boost your business by actually talking to your customers?

A lost art

There are plenty of people out there who now regard conversation as something of a lost art, and the dominance of the web seems to play no small part in that.  Ask almost any business owner about the younger generations and you’ll likely hear how poor they are at true conversations and almost hopeless at picking up non-verbal ques.  But having a conversation with a real human being is one of the best ways to make progress in business and personal relationships – so why aren’t more companies doing it already?  The telephone is one of the key components of good customer service, and most consumers will tell you that they’d rather speak to a person than send an e-mail any day of the week.  This means a couple of different things for existing companies: first, it means that if you’re not already using the phone as part of your customer service process, you should be.  And second, it means that you can actually gain a competitive advantage by doing so.

Start talking more and get the edge

By now, consumers almost expect most customer service to be carried out over the Internet.  People are in fact more surprised when a business suggests they give them a call rather than sending an e-mail or using a web form to get in touch.  Even the online ticket systems that apparently make things more efficient can be frustrating and time-consuming to use.  But implement a call center, or a team of phone-based customer service reps, and you’ll find your customer satisfaction skyrockets.  Couple that with the fact that so many other businesses are focused solely on the online field, and you’re in position for customer service success.  With customer service over the phone, you often can even give upset customers a refreshing surprise by offering them a real human being to attend to their issues, rather than a template e-mail which (as we all know) is one of the most impersonal ways to be treated by a business.

The benefits of the spoken word

One of the great things about telephone customer service is that it doesn’t necessarily require any additional work than any other form of customer service.  For example, if a customer sends an e-mail to make a complaint or raise an issue, your company might start acting on it right away, but it could take 48 hours to reply via e-mail.  This can leave the customer feeling frustrated and annoyed.  On the other hand, if that customer is able to pick up the phone and speak to you directly, they’ll feel reassured in the knowledge they actually spoke to somebody about it – even if they leave the conversation with no more info than they started with.

Choose the right company to handle your phone customer service

Now that we’ve given you some of the positive reasons to have a live person answer your customer calls, make sure you don’t take a good idea and cause more problems than not having someone answer your call.  We’ve all called a company and been frustrated when we get an agent who apparently doesn’t know what they’re talking about, is hard to understand because of their accent or slang, or is totally unprofessional.  With Outsourcing Pros Inc.,  we guarantee you professional agents to take care of your customers with a personal touch.  We aim to EXCEED the expectations of our customers and go the extra mile on every call to make that happen.  Whether it’s technical support, order taking, help with billing, or any kind of telesales, OPI will deliver the service that you expect and need.


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