The 22 James Bond Films Ranked From Worst to Best.

//The 22 James Bond Films Ranked From Worst to Best.

The 22 James Bond Films Ranked From Worst to Best.

22. “License to Kill” — — I found Timothy Dalton to be an OK Bond, not great, but passable. The last couple of Moore movies were getting a little too “cute” and they needed someone YOUNGER and a little tougher and Dalton was ok. But this movie had THE WORST Bond woman ever, Carey Lowell.

Trying to be tough, just ended up annoying. The story line dragged, scenes between the Bond woman and Dalton dragged, and I can’t even FINISH this movie when I’ve tried watching it.

21. “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” My wife and I both found this movie amazingly boring and it’s not all George Lazenby’s fault. The story line just DRAGGED and there is nothing memorable about the movie. Lazenby also was not an asset compared to the other Bond actors.

20. “Die Another Day” — I think Pierce Brosnan was always good as Bond, but after this terrible 2002 installment, it was clear that his time as 007 was up. For a franchise traditionally grounded in some semblance of realism, this one just became comical by accident. Surfing on an ice berg? You must be kidding me!. The invisible car? The only highlight of the movie is Halle Berry paying tribute to Ursula Andress in “Dr. No” by wearing a hot bathing suit. The villain was annoying and just no suspense in this movie.

19. “The Man with the Golden Gun” — A really boring movie start to finish. Way too much of the movie has Bond walking around the island visiting with the villain, and then the amusement park duel was just silly and a waste of time. A couple of scenes In Thailand, but nothing too exotic—other than the island which is pretty. Where are the traditional world-hopping trips to exotic locales, large sets to blow up, better fight scenes and something to care about other than some bad guy with three nipples?

18. “Quantum of Solace” — I had a really hard time following the story and why any of the scenes mattered. Even with a second viewing it’s disjointed and confusing. It’s just very poorly edited. Halfway through the movie the main plot line is abandoned and never returned to. Just hard to believe they could fall SO far off after Casino Royale, which is one of the Best Bond movies ever. HORRIBLE directing/editing in this movie. It’s only saving grace was in my opinion, THE SEXIEST Bond woman EVER, with Gemma Arterton. They didn’t have nearly enough scenes with her.

17. “A View To A Kill” — Moore was just too old be play Bond in this movie, which was thankfully his last. I did like Christopher Walken as the psychopathic bad guy. And man, does he go all-in with it, firing machine guns, dropping people out of airplanes and just being a giant jerk. Tanya Roberts likely was the 2nd worse or possibly worst Bond woman of all time. Just silly scenes with her just there to be sexy and scream and get rescued by Bond.

16. “Octopussy” — By the time “Octopussy” came out in 1983, Roger Moore’s Bond had developed a bit of a reputation for maybe being a little too tongue in cheek for everyone’s taste, so those people probably weren’t too thrilled to see 007 in a clown outfit or wearing a gorilla suit. It was nice to see Bond actually have his “Bond woman” SOMETHING closer to his age for a change, and she was still sexy. A few decent scenes but generally too silly.

15. “Diamonds Are Forever” — After quitting the franchise and briefly being replaced by George Lazenby, Connery returned one last time (or… kind of last) for 1971′s “Diamonds Are Forever.” The assassin partners were creepy and the reference to homosexuality just didn’t fit. The movie was missing the exotic locations and sets. Even in Las Vegas, most of the scenes were out in the desert or in the complex. The movie just dragged a bit.

14. “The Living Daylights” “The Living Daylights” isn’t great, but it’s not a joke either, and that’s what Bond needed in 1987. Highlight: 007′s craziest chase scene ever, riding a cello down a snow-covered mountain.

13. “The World is Not Enough” —This is a “middle of the pack” Bond film. Nothing extra special, or anything really bad about the movie. The Bond woman, Denise Richard is truly HOT, but isn’t much of an actor. She is totally wrong for her role as a nuclear physicist, named Christmas. She’s terrible, and it’s a testament to how good the rest of the film is that this still ranks so high.

12. “Never Say Never Again” — Considered officially unofficial by most fans, 1983′s “Never Say Never Again” brought Sean Connery back as Bond 12 full years after his previous entry, “Diamonds Are Forever.” Two problems: Connery was in his mid-fifties and the film was an adaptation of “Thunderball,” which Connery had already filmed nearly 20 years earlier. Another ok Bond film, just nothing special. Bond in his mid-fifties is pushing it, and there isn’t anything memorable about the film.

11. “Tomorrow Never Dies” — Pierce Brosnan’s second turn as Bond didn’t go quite as well as his first, though 1997′s “Tomorrow Never Dies” does have a couple of things going for it. And those things are Terri Hatcher and especially Michelle Yeoh, who plays the most bad ass Bond girl ever. On the other hand, the bad guy (the terminally unscary Jonathan Pryce) just doesn’t cut it. Yeoh is one of best Bond women of all time, sexy, she can actually ACT, and she’s got the martial arts moves.

10. “Live and Let Die” — Roger Moore took over the reins of the Bond franchise in 1973. Gotta love Jane Seymour as the Bond woman—always sexy and she can act, even at that tender age of about 18 or 19 when she made this film. The LEAST exotic location in the history of Bond films—the slums of New York, was not an asset for this movie. There are some good boat, chase scenes around Louisiana, and some nice comic moments with the racist, white-trash sheriff.

9. “From Russia with Love” — What surprises me personally is that this movie is rated so high on many Bond lists. There was nothing bad about this movie, but I just found it dragged some. The long scenes on the train, the scenes in Turkey, just never went anywhere. The whole gypsy scene was random and had nothing to do with the storyline. The Bond woman was one of the better ones, and you gotta love the poison tipped shoe that the little old lady killed people with. Though I’m wondering how Bond, one of the most dangerous men in the world, can’t take out one 90 pound lady with a pointy shoe!

8. “Thunderball” — I liked this film and the basic ideas of creating a perfect double to impersonate the Navy pilot. The problem with the film is that too much of it occurs under water and those scenes really drag. Sexy Bond women in this movie, both the bad one and the good one. The jet pack was pretty cool too.

7. “You Only Live Twice” — If you’ve ever wondered what Sean Connery would look like in a kimono, well, that just means you haven’t seen this 1967 installment, which features Bond heading to Japan. Highlights include a miniature helicopter and an evil secret headquarters inside a volcano. The entire set for the evil headquarters was I believe, one of the most expensive sets ever created to that date. Great fight scenes with army-sized groups, including ninjas. Also a fun idea having Bond pretend to be killed to go under cover.

6. “Dr. No” — The film that started it all, 1962′s “Dr. No” is a bit tame by today’s standards, particularly in its pacing. It’s less action and more tension. But that slower pace allowed fans to really get to know Connery, who took a quantum leap to A-list superstardom with this role. And the movie does have its share of memorable moments, the most famous of which is Ursula Andress climbing out of the water in a white bikini. Still a classic. The flame-breathing “dragon” is also pretty cool.


5. “Moonraker” —I’ve been really surprised to see this movie rated so low on most people’s Bond lists. It’s always been one of my personal favorites. I agree with other reviews that the whole outer space venture was a bit over the top and not too strong. This was a blatant attempt to cash in on the “Star Wars” craze of the late 1970s. But the scenes in Rio were great. There was a bunch of globe-trotting to exotic locations, the scenes at Draxx’s mansion were strong, especially the dogs running down and killing his female employee. And what’s not to like about Bond wrestling a giant python under water?

4. “Casino Royale” — Speaking of revitalizing the franchise, that duty fell to Daniel Craig in 2006 after four years of dormancy following Brosnan’s poorly received final effort, “Die Another Day.” I was so tired of the over-the-top ridiculous stunts/special effects of the last couple Brosnan/Bond movies, such as surfing a tidal wave on an ice berg! It was great to see the Bond franchise copy the style and success of the Bourne Identity trilogy, with gritty, intense, hand-to-hand combat. They also found an actor who could pull off this kind of physical scenes. The only thing I didn’t like about the film was the Bond woman—but that’s not uncommon for me as I haven’t liked many of them. I found her totally UN-attractive and not interesting.

3. “For Your Eyes Only” — Right from the 1981 film’s opening sequence, which finds Moore’s Bond laying flowers on his dead wife’s grave, it’s clear this film means business. And boy, does it, with a grim and vengeful Bond not only taking out arch-enemy Blofeld once and for all, but also helping a crossbow-wielding babe avenge the murder of her parents. The ski-chase scene was one of the all time best Bond action scenes. Also possibly the ONLY time Bond turns down sex with a woman—apparently He draws the line at 18 or 19 years old which was the age of Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die. I guess this young lady was a year or two younger than that. I really loved the assault on the cliff-top fortress in the most awesome sequence in Bond history. This film deserves to be seen by everyone’s eyes.

2. “The Spy Who Loved Me” — Unquestionably the best Bond film of its decade, 1977′s “The Spy Who Loved Me” grabs you right from its opening chase scene — an instantly iconic skiing sequence capped by a cliff-jumping parachute to safety — and never lets go. Moore does his finest acting of the series here, as he falls for an enemy agent whose lover he killed. Barbara Boch did a pretty good job playing the agent. She’s not the prettiest Bond woman, but may have had the most perfect breasts of any of them and that’s always a plus. “The Spy Who Loved Me” also introduces Bond’s best villain ever, the metal-toothed man-mountain called Jaws. How can you not like human “jaws” kililng “shark-Jaws” by biting the shark? I love the scene when his Bond car turns into a submarine and fires a missile to destroy the sexy babe in the helicopter. A great, great movie.

1. “Goldfinger” — 1964′s “Goldfinger” has it all: a great villain who spouts memorable one-liners (“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”), a cool plot (they’re going to steal all the gold from Fort Knox!) and perhaps the best Bond girl ever (Honor Blackman’s iconic Pussy Galore). It also features the most memorable death in the series, namely Jill Masterson (actress Shirley Eaton) being covered in gold paint. And who could forget the killer hat that cuts people’s heads off when thrown? Considered by many fans to be the best Bond film ever.

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