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I. Secure File Transfers

1. In Transit Security with YouSendIt
Our clients first upload a data processing service or outsourcing bookkeeping file to a server in the YouSendIt datacenter. An email is automatically generated to our production manager, who then downloads the data processing service file to her computer. To ensure that data is not compromised in either transfer, YouSendIt employs the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

SSL works by encryption. A secure website first sends a user’s browser a public encryption key, which is used to construct another, unique, non-public encryption key. This key, which is known only to the web server and the user, is then used to protect all subsequent data processing service file or outsourcing bookkeeping. In practice, SSL provides a secure tunnel between two points on the Internet. Data processing service or outsourcing bookkeeping files transferred along this tunnel are wrapped in a layer of encryption that makes them impossible for third parties to view or compromise.

2. Data Confidentiality with YouSendIt
Using its SSL solution, YouSendIt can ensure complete data confidentiality. The encryption methods it uses are based on keys only available to the user and the server, making it practically impossible to decode the data processing service or outsourcing bookkeeping file sent, even if it is intercepted.

3. Data Integrity with YouSendIt
YouSendIt’s SSL solution also ensures data processing sesrvice file integrity. That means that no outside source can modify data or outsourcing bookkeeping file as it travels between an end user and a server. If data is changed in transit, the protocol automatically recognizes the modification and asks the client to resubmit the file.

II. Physical and IT Infrastructure

In addition to file transfer, YouSendIt has employed best practices security methods to ensure that customer’s data processing service or outsourcing bookkeeping files remain secure while stored on its servers. These include everything from the physical security of YouSendIt datacenters to the firewalls and other measures the company uses to protect its servers from electronic attack. Some of the top features of YouSendIt’s infrastructure security include:

1. Virus Scanning
The server farms that store customer data processing service or outsourcing bookkeeping files at YouSendIt are equipped with antivirus software that is automatically updated on a regular basis. They scan every incoming file for viruses and provide alerts to customers if a virus has been detected.

2. Datacenter and Security
Public access to YouSendIt offices is limited to certain rooms, which are under constant surveillance by the staff. The datacenters do not allow any public access; only identified persons acknowledged by the management may enter them. Their entry and exit time is recorded, and they must not only have a correct password but they also must pass a biometric scan to gain entry.

3. Multiple datacenters
To ensure that data processing service or outsourcing bookkeeping files are never lost, YouSendIt maintains two separate datacenters, both hardened to resist fire, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

4. File deleting
Users can delete data processing service or outsourcing bookkeeping files from YouSendIt’s servers on the sent Items page. The page contains a list of all files sent by a user that are still on the server. By clicking the trash can icon next to an item, users can delete those files. Files are also automatically deleted after a set period of time that varies with a user’s service level.

III. GBLA Compliance

YouSendIt complies with the privacy provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act (GBLA), a law that governs certain activities of the financial services industry. Under GBLA, YouSendIt qualifies as a service provider. To achieve compliance, it has developed a security policy and it stores and transfers client information on for the purpose for which it was intended. For more information, please see

Once the files reach our production site, our security measures take over:

  • All employees go through extensive background checks prior to being hired as data processing service or outsourcing bookkeeping employee.
  • Employees all sign non-disclosure and privacy agreements.
  • All USB ports and floppy drives have been disabled in our production facility so NOTHING can be copied and taken out.
  • Employees are not allowed to bring in personal bags or cell phones into our production facility. They are issued their own locker outside the facility to store personal belongings.