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Let’s face it; data processing service or phone surveys for most people are boring and very difficult to maintain their accuracy. It takes the right kind of employee to excel in this field. We put a lot of time and effort into recruiting true data processing service or phone surveys professionals who enjoy their work and the satisfaction of providing accurate data processing service or phone surveys to our clients. The owners and some of our employees are based in Bend, Oregon. Other employees are providing quality data processing services and phone surveys from The Philippines.

No matter how dedicated my employees are to our clients, we are not so naive to believe errors will never be made. For this reason, we have quality assurance (QA) people to spot check the work on all data processing services we perform. Our employees know their work will be checked and that mistakes will not be tolerated. The owners and staff in Bend, Oregon are always on top of the quality of the data processing services and phone surveys we provide clients.

There is nothing worse than paying for data processing service or having someone conduct phone surveys and the information isn’t accurate. Because we are also skilled in outsourcing bookkeeping and outsourcing customer service, are employees are truly professional and know how critical accurate data processing service is to our clients

Here are some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Data processing services for Bend, Oregon and elsewhere
  • Phone surveys, and Internet research
  • *Creating a data base for Bend, Oregon and elsewhere

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