Some Advantages of Outsourcing

Some Advantages of Outsourcing Lower employee costs Manpower is likely the most important resource in any company, and it generally comes at a high cost as well as challenges. For this reason, small and large companies undertake outsourcing services to The Philippines and other countries. Professionals in outsourcing destinations such as The Philippines can be hired [...]

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3 Ways to Give Better Customer Service

3 Ways to Give Better Customer Service Customer service is changing all the time and you risk losing out if you don’t change too. While some customers simply want to reach a human on the other end of the line, others want to live-chat you for a quick answer or tweet you a question. Because [...]

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The Importance of Really Talking to Your Customers

With texting, emails, chat and other issues today, it’s not surprising that many of us rarely talk with our customers.  It seems that e-mailing, tweeting, and Facebook messenger are the order of the day.  Real communication, in person or on the phone, have very positive impacts on businesses today.  In fact, the companies that seem to do the [...]

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Call Center Changes for 2012

Despite the telephone being the most popular channel for support, it also has the reputation for being the most frustrating method. Repeating information to agents, waiting on hold, and navigating phone menus are the main reasons customers dread the call center. Negative caller experiences drive customers to the competition, and to share these experiences with [...]

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Choosing a Call Center

For a company that wishes to increase their sales, particularly those that rely on inbound customer calls, they would stand to benefit much from the use of a live answering service. Such a tool, offered by an professional outsourced contact center, could actually provide better results than what an IVR or an in-house company agent can [...]

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Take Care of Your Employees and They\’ll Take Care of You.

Today, the practice of corporate social responsibility touches every aspect of business. No longer confined to traditional “green” projects within the silos of environmental performance or responsible business practices, CSR permeates all business functions, including policies, strategies, planning, and performance. CSR strategies are a part of everyday transactions, governance and management, as well as community [...]

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10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Ask for help This is a big one for me…I’m not good about asking for help at all. I’ll take it if someone offers, but just going out and seeking help is something I rarely do. I know you probably think that doing it yourself is the only way to get it done right…but sometimes [...]

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100 Ways to be Less Self-Serving

1. Smile This is a great habit to develop to start each and every day and to practice whenever you have the chance. The great thing is that smiling at others is easy and takes nothing but a little effort. Nearly everyone responds to a smile and it makes you and the other person feel [...]

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The 22 James Bond Films Ranked From Worst to Best.

22. “License to Kill” — — I found Timothy Dalton to be an OK Bond, not great, but passable. The last couple of Moore movies were getting a little too “cute” and they needed someone YOUNGER and a little tougher and Dalton was ok. But this movie had THE WORST Bond woman ever, Carey Lowell. [...]

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