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Outsourcing Customer Service and Phone Surveys for Hickory, NC and other locations

Outsourcing customer service to our professional agents allows you to do what’s most important—building relationships with your clients, and adding new clients to your business. We partner with you to develop the customer-centric program filled with agents immersed in your business rules and culture. We’ll personalize the training of our agents to your specific needs so you know that when you’re outsourcing customer service to our agents, your customers are in great hands.


We feel we’re strong in every aspect of outsourcing customer service to our clients, but telemarketing is truly a strength for us. We hire agents who have had experience with outbound sales prior to working for ComPass. We then provide additional training here in Bend, Oregon, or via SKYPE. We are also very skilled in helping our clients develop sales scripts, and how to overcome objections during the sales process. Telesales is really the first part of outsourcing customer service and likely the first contact a person has with your company.

Telemarketing services include:

Lead generation

Direct sales calls

Appointment setting as the intial contat for outsourcing customer service

Technical Support

At OPI. we build technical support solutions as part of outsourcing customer service. The front line team takes the initial call and solves the most common problems. The next layers are specialists in various aspects of the products, for the most complex problems. The result is satisfied callers by outsourcing customer service to our agents and reduced service costs. These are they key reasons any company would consider outsourcing customer service.

Inbound Sales

You may be planning a marketing or phone surveys campaign and need a Bend, Oregon call center to answer inquiries as part of your plan of outsourcing customer service. OPI can help you capture lead information and acquire new customers. Our expertise with data processing service is a big part of this process. We will work with you to develop programs specific to your needs to enhance your customers’ experiences. We can also train our agents for up-sell and cross-sell programs. You tell us what you want and we’ll make sure that your decision of outsourcing customer service to our agents, results in happy customers.

Order Taking

Our Customer Service Representatives deliver the highest care in servicing your inbound order processing on each and every customer contact. This is a key part of many accounts when you consider outsourcing customer service to our agents. Our highly-trained outsourcing customer service agents are not only courteous, but also motivated to provide additional value to your company. It is this dedication to outsourcing customer service that we provide which will keep your clientele coming back again and again for outsourcing customer service to our company.

Phone Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
How was your recent experience with our company? Was our staff courteous? What can we do better? If you need answers, OPI can ask conduct the phone surveys for you and get the answers. Using our outbound agents to conduct phone surveys with your customers on a cost-effective basis, we can obtain the information that you need to meet the needs of your customers.

Lead Generation/Appointment setting for Bend, Oregon and other locations

OPI is relied upon to fill our client’s sales pipelines with qualified leads. Let us take care of the lead generation at very competitive rates so your higher paid sales people can spend their time closing deals. You may, however, be interested in completely outsourcing customer service and your sales activities to our agents.  We can cater our services to your needs.